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      1. china LED light,China solar lights,china LED street lights,Manufacturers-SAYANG LINGHTING
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        Name: Mr. Ding
        Tel: 0514-80937888
        Fax: 0514-84244212
        Mobile: 132 3526 2999
        E-mail: 823436423@qq.com
        Add: Gaoyou City, Jiangsu Province, Guoji Zhen Industrial Park
        MSN: pdvi@live.cn
        QQ: 823436423,847306556

        ★ LED chip packaging capacity
        Has five full import of high-speed high-power LED chips, packaging production line, annual packaging capacity of 200,000 K satellites, can support a variety of lamps 100 million units.
        ★ LED road lighting manufacturing capacity
        With 8 LED road lighting manufacture of advanced production lines, annual output of 30 million sets of various types of LED lights.
        ★ LED landscape lighting production capacity
        Has 4 advanced production line LED landscape lighting, it can produce all kinds of LED wall wash lights, garden lights, buried lights, underwater lights, 70 million sets.
        ★ all kinds of LED interior lighting manufacturing capacity
        LED interior with six production lines of various lighting, it can produce 200 million sets of various LED interior lighting.
        ★ all kinds of fluorescent lighting manufacturing capacity
        With T8, T5 Grille production lines, annual output of 400 million sets of various Grill, with a number of stand lights, electronic ballasts, electronic drives and other production lines to meet the requirements of many types of lighting production.

        Online Service

        MSN: pdvi@live.cn QQ: 823436423 QQ: 847306556 Alibaba.com ID:jld210