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      1. china LED light,China solar lights,china LED street lights,Manufacturers-SAYANG LINGHTING
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        Contact Us

        Name: Mr. Ding
        Tel: 0514-80937888
        Fax: 0514-84244212
        Mobile: 132 3526 2999
        E-mail: 823436423@qq.com
        Add: Gaoyou City, Jiangsu Province, Guoji Zhen Industrial Park
        MSN: pdvi@live.cn
        QQ: 823436423,847306556

        About Us

        Gaoyou jia lide electronic lighting equipment factory in northern suburb of historical and cultural city of yangzhou guo town, by courtesy of the masses of users love, since a factory get long-term development. Production equipment, advanced technical force, detection equipment is complete, the operating process superb, quality and reliable performance. Our factory has passed ISO9001 quality certification system, products sold throughout the country, deeply user's concern and support, we all staff to express our sincere thanks to you!

        Mainly produces outdoor road and bridge, dock, station square, park, factory district, overpass lighting equipment, products are elevating high lamp, LED street lights, solar street lamp, lamp posts, monitoring poling, traffic sign, signal light pole and stainless steel lighting equipment. Now ? new lathe, numerical control punch


        Online Service

        MSN: pdvi@live.cn QQ: 823436423 QQ: 847306556 Alibaba.com ID:jld210